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Magic in the Method

Do you want to see how the pros names-source?   

Do you need to train others in your recruiting organization on proven techniques of names-sourcing? 

Are you in need of scripts that obtain information?

Do you need to kick up your recruiting research from online results to real-time tele-sourcing results? Get started today.

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This course is for those persons interested in this little-understood but very important front-line recruiting function. To our knowledge, it is the ONLY online names sourcing training series available that teaches the actual art and science of telephone names sourcing.

This series picks up where most e-recruiting seminars end – at the point where you’ve finished the internet research and you’re faced with that scary part of getting on the phone.  You’ll learn to make friends with the telephone – it’s about to make you a lot of money!

Learn at your own pace as you learn the proven tips and techniques of names sourcing.  New modules are posted twice a year with new scripting, new sourcing issues, ideas, tips and techniques for the sourcer working in the challenging theater of name generation! 



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Need help finding the talent you seek?

There are over 150 million active employees in today's workforce, most of whom are not easily identifiable by traditional sourcing methods. Our Names Sourcing Service provides a proactive solution for today's shortage of qualified candidates by developing ways to identify prospective employees.

In short, we reach productive candidates that can satisfy your
hard-to-fill positions. TechTrak does the hard work for you. Guaranteed.

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