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What is TechTrak?
Quite simply, TechTrak is the fastest, easiest way to recruit professionals. Our services provide a proactive solution to cut through the flood of candidates by developing creative ways to identify trule employee prospects. We identify high-value passive candidates inside your specific source companies. There are over 150 million employees in the workforce today and about one in three of them change jobs every year. Most of these are not locatable using the average sourcing strategies and are hard to keep track of because of their frequent movement. We implement active search strategies inside the existing workforce to reach productive candidates. In short, we reach candidates not ordinarily accessible by traditional recruiting techniques.


Tell me about TechTrak's candidates.
TechTrak has assembled a large, high-quality pool of talented professionals by building relationships with these individuals and their companies all around the country. Many of these people are not actively job searching but interested when queried regarding new job opportunities. We provide you with a confidential one-stop sourcing service.


How much does it cost?
Organizational research that produces targeted candidates for your hard-to-fill positions starts at $45.00 per name. This is referred to as the Names Sourcing Service. Each name is guaranteed to fit the exact parameters you specify. Names [possibly; with resumes attached and an interest in talking to you regarding your open position] are priced per job starting at $45.00 per profiled candidate. This is referred to as the Profiling Service. In as little as five business days, we'll provide you a list of candidates who match the job qualifications or are interested in the particular position. Every search we conduct is backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee.


Tell me about the Satisfaction Guarantee.
Because we're committed to delivering unmatched customer service, TechTrak stands behind its service with our Service Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the quality of our service, and you notify us within TWO (2) week from the date we deliver the product, we will at our discretion either replace the names or issue a refund. So there's no risk. Period.


How does TechTrak work?
We've designed TechTrak to be hassle-free. You don't even need to touch a computer - we do all the work for you. Tell us precisely what you're looking for - we search using a wide array of search criteria. We can help you build a target list of companies to source from, if required. We find qualified candidates based on your criteria - we enter the specific workforces where the productive candidates you need are residing. We gather the names of individuals with your qualifications list and deliver them to you. If requested, we'll profile interested candidates (additional cost-See Profiling Services) and deliver their résumés and their level of interest in talking regarding your specific job opening, to you, usually within ten business days.


Do I need special software or web site access?
No. Just call us at 513 899 9628. Our knowledgeable staff will do all the work for you. All we need are two things: (1) A job description (we can even help you write one) and (2) your search criteria. TechTrak provides you a timesaving recruiting service, without the hassles of complex or expensive technology.


What search criteria can I use?
TechTrak lets you search by using a wide array of criteria (and any combination), including:
Industry experience
Functional experience
Particular companies experience
International experience
Certain degrees (such as BSEE/BSCS/PhD)
Areas of expertise
Foreign languages


How many names are needed for a hiring?
There's no pat answer as many factors impact this. On average, we believe fifty candidates will produce one hire. Remember: These are the people who are busy using the skills you seek - not necessarily busy looking for a job (although the majority will be interested in hearing what you have to say)!

Does TechTrak post jobs on a web site?
No. TechTrak lets you target specific candidates, eliminating the hassle of reading through unscreened, non-qualifying resumes. Our service provides our clients with qualified and/or interested candidates and only those candidates. Actually, we don't post job opportunities. We provide a live, interactive recruiting service - we target qualified candidates with live candidate cold-calling. If this fails to identify at least five qualified candidates, we'll repeat the search every few weeks at no additional cost until we do so.


Who developed TechTrak?
TechTrak was founded by Maureen and Robert Sharib, seasoned participants with years of experience in business marketing. The team consists of recruiting, marketing and technology professionals that understand the problems Corporate America is having filling all types of jobs with qualified people. Maureen and Bob are happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us today at 513 899 9628.


I'm ready. How do I conduct a search?
Just call us at 513 899 9628 or send an email to Maureen


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