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Need Sales Prospects? Hungry for Qualified Leads? We'll do the digging for you!

New Lead Sourcing Service

Welcome to TechTrak’s business development arm.  We do the heavy-lifting telephone business development for you. 

We use our telephone names sourcing abilities to do this. First, we IDENTIFY the decision maker within the organization you want to target and then we TELEPHONE PITCH your services to that person.  We’ll deliver to you, beginning within a couple days, fresh, interested leads that you can sit down at your desk and begin calling. 

We do this on an hourly basis.  Call 513.899.9628 for rates on your unique project.   




Satisfaction Guarantee
Because we're committed to delivering unmatched customer service, TechTrak upholds our Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the quality of our service, and you notify us within TWO (2) weeks from the date we deliver the product, we will at our discretion either replace the names or issue a refund. So there's no risk - Period.




TechTrak's services are a fraction of ordinary recruiting costs. Our fee structure can save your project an average of +75% in hiring fees.

Example: Your company may be paying $18,000 in fees for a typical $65,000 position. TechTrak averages around $2,500 or 75% less for the same position.


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What is the Magic in the Method?

Magic in the Method is the only telephone names sourcing training series available for those persons interested in the little-understood but very important front-line recruiting function. This is not "crafty rusing," but an honest, straight-forward approach.

Learn at your own pace as you discover the proven tips and techniques of names sourcing.  New modules are posted twice a year with new scripting, new sourcing issues, ideas, tips and techniques for the sourcer working in the challenging theater of name generation! Learn More >> 



If you need to compete by locating fresh candidates, right now, right this very minute, call us today at 513.899.9628.

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