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Maureen Sharib - We can do this thing that must be done.

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About the Author

Maureen Sharib is a seasoned names sourcer trained on the battlefield of names generation. She’s been names sourcing since 1996 and is prepared to share her proven techniques with you.

Her proactive names sourcing lessons will show you real-time names sourcing engagement examples and will take you inside the actual experience of names sourcing – for the first time you’ll see and hear how it’s actually done!

Maureen lives with her husband Bob in Morrow, OH, a bustling and burgeoning little town outside of Cincinnati, OH. She and Bob are co-founders of the names sourcing firm TechTrak.com, Inc.  Maureen is the first one to tell you she is a techno-idiot and without the IT (Information Technology) assistance of her husband Bob she’d be just another floundering would-be names sourcer at risk out in the elements.

Maureen is a regular contributor to the Electronic Recruiting Exchange group discussions. She encourages everyone reading this to join the FREE ERE group and meet and learn with many others engaged in the human resources industry.

Join Maureen on the MagicMethod network for her FREE Tuesday and Thursday Phone Sourcing Classroom Chats at noon (EST) HERE!



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About the Author


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There are over 150 million active employees in today's workforce, most of whom are not easily identifiable by traditional sourcing methods. Our Names Sourcing Service provides a proactive solution for today's shortage of qualified candidates by developing ways to identify prospective employees.

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